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Integrated Stepper Motors

The integrated stepper motor is the perfect combination of drive and stepper motor, which perfectly integrates the stepper motor and drive technology in one, and sets the excellent characteristics of control and drive in one, which can be external pulse control and built-in programming control.

Product Model Length Motor Size Hold torque Shaft Length Shaft Diameter Rotational Inertia Weight
IG86E125 173mm NEMA 34 12.5N.m 32mm 14mm 4950g.c㎡ ≈5600g
IG86E85 140mm NEMA 34 8.5N.m 32mm 14mm 2800g.c㎡ ≈4100g
IG86E65 120mm NEMA 34 6.5N.m 32mm 14mm 2500g.c㎡ ≈3400g
IG86E45 102mm NEMA 34 4.5N.m 32mm 14mm 1950g.c㎡ ≈2900g
IG60E30 103mm NEMA 24 3.0N.m 21mm 8mm 690g.c㎡ ≈1500g
IG60E22 86mm NEMA 24 2.2N.m 21mm 8mm 490g.c㎡ ≈1300g
IG59E30 103mm NEMA 24 3.0N.m 21mm 8mm 690g.c㎡ ≈1500g
IG59E22 86mm NEMA 24 2.2N.m 21mm 8mm 490g.c㎡ ≈1300g
IG57E20 94mm NEMA 23 2.0N.m 21mm 8mm 480g.c㎡ ≈1100g
IG57E12 74mm NEMA 23 1.2N.m 21mm 8mm 280g.c㎡ ≈800g
IG42E06 74.2mm NEMA 17 0.6N.m 21mm 8mm 116g.c㎡ ≈700g
IG42E05 62.2mm NEMA 17 0.5N.m 21mm 8mm 82g.c㎡ ≈460g
IG42E04 54.2mm NEMA 17 0.4N.m 21mm 8mm 57g.c㎡ ≈380g
IG35E040 70mm NEMA 14 0.4N.m 24mm 5mm 35g.c㎡ ≈350g
IG35E020 52mm NEMA 14 0.20N.m 24mm 5mm 26g.c㎡ ≈250g
IG35E010 42mm Nmea 14 0.10N.m 24mm 5mm 12g.c㎡ ≈200g
IG28E018 66mm NEMA 11 0.18N.m 26mm 5mm 18g.c㎡ ≈205g
IG28E008 46mm NEMA 11 0.08N.m 26mm 5mm 9g.c㎡ ≈115g
IG20E004 52.5mm NEMA 08 0.04N.m 18mm 4mm 3.3g.c㎡ ≈100g
IG20E002 42.5mm NEMA 08 0.015N.m 18mm 4mm 2.5g.c㎡ ≈80g
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